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Mengenal Recount Text dalam Bahasa Inggris, Tujuan, Struktur, dan Contoh

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Mengenal Recount Text dalam Bahasa Inggris, Tujuan, Struktur, dan Contoh

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Apa itu Recount Text

RECOUNT text merupakan salah satu jenis teks dalam bahasa Inggris yang berisi cerita suatu tindakan maupun kegiatan penulis atau tokoh-tokoh dalam cerita tersebut.

Kegiatan atau tindakan yang dimaksud merupakan pengalaman dari penulis yang diungkapkan melalui recount text.

Biasanya tujuan recount text menghibur pembaca serta memberikan informasi. Recount text memiliki tiga struktur utama.

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Struktur Recount Text

1. Orientation

Struktur pertama berisi informasi mengenai tokoh, tempat kejadian, kapan kejadian berlangsung, dan sebagainya. Informasi yang diberikan oleh penulis diharapkan memberikan pengetahuan atau informasi yang diperlukan oleh pembaca agar dapat memahami jalan cerita.

2. Events

Struktur kedua merupakan isi dari teks atau cerita mengenai kejadian maupun pengalaman yang ingin disampaikan oleh penulis kepada pembaca. 

3. Reorientation

Struktur ketiga berisi mengenai kesimpulan maupun rangkuman atau pengulangan informasi yang ada pada struktur orientation.

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Jenis Recount Text dan Contohnya

Recount text memiliki beberapa jenis atau macam yang dapat digunakan sesuai kebutuhan. Berikut ini jenis dan contoh recount text:

1. Personal recount

Ini merupakan recount text yang memiliki fungsi menceritakan mengenai pengalaman pribadi penulis. Personal recount merupakan jenis paling umum yang biasa digunakan untuk menulis teks recount. Contoh:

My Bad Day
Doni scrimped and paid for a trip around the world that lasted two months. In his diary, he detailed his journey. I travelled to London and spent several weeks in Europe after spending a week in New York. I took a train to Istanbul and visited several locations in Asia after seeing the sights in Europe. First, I flew from Mexico City to New York City, where he lives. After travelling across Asia, I travelled to South America before returning to Indonesia. Doni was weary, but he was ecstatic to be on the road again

2. Factual recount

Ini merupakan recount text yang memiliki fungsi menyajikan laporan mengenai peristiwa yang terjadi berdasarkan fakta (benar-benar terjadi). Contohnya, laporan mengenai percobaan ilmu pengetahuan atau laporan dari kepolisian.

A Man Charged

A man has been sued in court for pushing an older woman down a bus on Upper Thomson Road. Ong Kok Hao, 25, is accused of injuring 76-year-old Hwang Li Lian Nee Lye on bus service number 167 around 3 p.m. on June 5th. Ong is alleged to have pushed the older woman onto her back, causing her to collapse onto the bus stairs. The incident was recorded and posted to YouTube in a two-minute video. Ong bursts into a fury at Madam Hwang for pressing the ring at the last minute along Upper Thomson Road, according to the video. During the resulting scream battle, Ong attempted to slap the woman before shoving her down the bus. Ong’s lawyer, Eddie Koh, will present his case to the court. The issue will be revisited by the police in December.

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3. Imaginative recount

Ini merupakan salah satu recount text yang memiliki fungsi menceritakan peristiwa imajinatif. Contohnya recount text yang menceritakan pengalaman penulis dalam menghayalkan adegan yang dia dapat dari mimpinya. Contoh:

Cowboy's Pride

Today was a particularly hectic day. Thankfully, Rose was at home to assist me in washing dishes, making quince jelly, and caring for our newest family member, the boy. This was yet another ordinary day. Jean came in after we completed our chores and began enjoying the dinner we had just prepared. Rose was tending to the child. A heavy knock came at the entrance. I sat there waiting for Jean or Rose to pass. Jean sprang from his seat, knife and fork both clutched in his hands. “Can’t a guy eat in peace?” he exclaimed. "I’ve come to arrest you Mr. Jean Clarkson for horse stealing," a deep voice said when Jean opened the bell. I stood there watching Jean finish his last bite of dinner. He then told me that he was about to be arrested. If there was no subpoena, I informed him he didn’t have to go. I screamed at him, telling him he shouldn’t have let him in. Jean confidently said, "It’s all right, Mum," in an attempt to quiet me down. 

The bread was taken out of the oven by me. Jean ate the rest of his food from his bowl with a large slice of thick bread. Constable Fitzgerald was standing nearby. "I'll just go grab my jacket!" Jean said. I chased after Jean, shouting at him for letting him in when he shouldn’t have. Rose’s screams could be heard. I dashed back to see what had happened. Fitzgerald was bullying her, she explained. I charged into the kitchen, grabbed the shovel, and smacked him in the face. Jean dashed back into the room and tackled him to the ground. Cathy was right there when the door swung open. Cathy entered the room and took Fitzgerald's rifle. Fitzgerald was shot in the wrist by the revolver. "Touch our sister again, and there will be a bullet in your head," both boys said as they stood there. My sons made me proud when they stood up for their sister.

4. Historical recount

Ini merupakan recount text yang berisi mengenai sejarah. Contohnya, proklamasi kemerdekaan Indonesia. Contoh:

Indonesian Independence Proclamation 

On Friday, August 17, 1945, at 10 a.m., the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence was read. The declaration signaled the launch of the Indonesian National Revolution’s political and military struggle against Dutch forces and pro-Dutch citizens before the latter formally recognized Indonesia’s independence in 1949. Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta, who were declared president and vice-president the next day, signed the agreement. (OL-14)

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