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One Decade of PPM SoM Holds Asian Business Case Competition

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One Decade of PPM SoM Holds Asian Business Case Competition

DOK PPM School of Management
One Decade of PPM SoM Holds Asian Business Case Competition.


PPM School of Management (PPM SoM) embraced PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk to hold The 10th PPM Regional Business Case Competition (RBCC) this year. This regional business case competition has been regularly held every year since 2010.

This year, PPM RBCC was joined by 64 teams from postgraduate students from Asia Pacific. With the theme 'Outsmart Disruption to Stay Relevant in the Banking Industry', participants were invited to complete a case study made real from the problems being faced by PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk.

In its journey, The 10th PPM RBCC was divided into several stages. First, the 64 teams were challenged by making papers to solve cases made by the PPM SoM team.

In the next stage, papers from 64 participating teams were assessed and selected to be the 12 best teams (finalists) and invited to the final debate session (7/11), which began by presenting their ideas before the jury and other finalists, followed by questions and answers, at BCA Learning Institute Sentul, Bogor, Indonesia.

The day before the final debate session, the 12 finalist teams were invited to visit PT Bank Central Asia to get to know PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk.

RBCC can be a place to interact and socialize in building healthy competition. More over, knowledge that has been formally acquired into real business problems in order to explore potential and increase creativity.

PPM School of Management through RC-CCH has published many business cases with local flavor, but still refers to changes that occur in the global business world. The business case is then used as teaching material, both in the realm of formal education, and in a variety of management training that is not only utilized by PPM SoM but by other management education entities, both nationally and internationally. (RO/OL-10)

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